The Books

Chronicles of Ann: A Novel

A Fantasy Historical Ghost Mystery

(Coming Soon)

In his latest up-and-coming historical ghost mystery, Naif writes about Anne, who is born 13 years after her parents were killed for breaking the rules of love. Anne grows up in an orphanage home without knowing who she really is. What’s next? In a world full of sorcery, Anne discovers her passion to become a witch.

She gets the opportunity to become one, but strange things start happening that lead her to believe she has a destiny to fulfil. When Anne realizes what her identity is, she must accept or run from the fate that has taken the lives of so many around her. How far will she go and how many sacrifices will she make? Find out when the book is released in March 2022!

Dark Age: A Novel

A Futuristic Robot Thriller 

The Iron Games series: Book I

(Coming soon)

The fate of the unforgiving commander of a human breeding and labor facility in an AI-dominated society changes when his authority is challenged by a headstrong enslaved woman whose actions will prompt him to face an unknown enemy.

In this dystopia, artificial intelligence has taken over society, and enslaved humans are bred like cattle and relegated to work extenuating jobs under the watchful eyes of their facility masters.

The feared Dylan is the head of Armageddon, a large human prison and experiment facility. He runs the compound with an iron fist and does not refrain from using violence to separate children from their parents to be sold to the highest bidder, or from pouring arsenic into the wounds of uncooperative slaves. The ground floor – known as the “torture” one – is his personal playground.

However, Dylan is human and, as adamantly as he deems his kin to be flawed, soft and imperfect in comparison to the AIs he masterfully creates, his traumatic past catches up to him when he meets a strong-willed human slave that challenges his authority.

Vivien refuses to be called ‘120’, her assigned number. Kind and caring of her fellow enslaved humans in Armageddon, she does not hold back from rushing in the aid of her closest friend, Derek, and standing her ground against Dylan’s orders.

A wrathful Dylan commands unspeakable punishments to be administered to both, but cannot get 120 off his mind. When he realizes she might be a useful instrument to face the imminent attack by his nemesis, Phineas, his encounters with Vivien draw the two closers.

When the compound is ambushed and the two are separated from one another, Dylan is sent to a labor camp where he finally experiences the horrors that he had previously inflicted on his kin; although under the stress of his childhood memories and overworked by the guards, he is sure he will find a way to track down Vivien.

Embark in a dark age where obscure undertones permeate the lives of those held against their will in a positivist society that turns a blind eye to expendable assets such as human lives.


Authoritarianism, relentless scientific progress, and disregard for human life are some of the theme’s readers will find in this book. Influences from the positivism in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, human disputes with android-like robots akin to those in Phillip. K. Dick’s classic Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and several instances of brutality that might remind the reader of obscure Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica are also dispersed among the pages. 

2059: A Novel

 Aliens use mysterious pandemic to transform humans into zombies

(Coming Soon)

Ten years have passed since an alien species landed on Earth. While they appear to be friendly and cooperative, another threat arises as a diligent astrobiologist works implacably to save her ill brother – and all of humankind – from a gruesome army in the search for a particular treasure.

It was a thing of awe and curiosity as humanity had witnessed the arrival of the first extraterrestrial beings they have seen and their level of sophistication and intellect far outpaced anything that humans have ever known yet this advanced species come seeking refuge from an unknown for and humanity accepts them, gaining from their technology and skill, making rapid advancements than had ever been recorded and enjoying relative peace and prosperity.

Olivia is an Astrobiologist with a fascination for the alien species that have landed on Earth, but she knows within that whatever was powerful enough to almost ruin these people would be able to obliterate them and that force still roamed the universe, and it was only a matter of time before it set its sights on Earth.

Humanity is soon faced with a foe that requires that they set aside all they have ever known, all the rivalries that have ever existed, and face it as a single species, but can they? Is the average human so selfless as to abandon his own safety and individuality to face a greater cause? Or will humanity be doomed by this foe that lusts for power and the enslavement of all that possesses intelligence in the vast expanse of space?

2059 novel is quite a unique piece of science fiction. Its vivid descriptions and intricate, but puzzling passages on the defining characteristics of the different alien species, their motives, and the history of their kind resemble the careful approach talented author Ted Chiang constructs in his fascinating sci-fi stories. The book will be particularly appealing to fans of Chiang’s Arrival and Exhalation and the quest of intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton in Dan Brown’s Deception Point.

Hurdles: A Novella 

A Suspense Crime and Mystery Story

Marco was betrayed by his brother due to the accidental death of their mother which lands him in jail for the next decade. His anger festered into hatred during those hard years, and he swore to take revenge when he got out but due to circumstances outside his control, he had to delay his vengeance, it was only time before he would collect his pound of flesh.

Marcus is then caught in the unforgiving grasp of the underworld by his estranged uncle, forcing him to learn the ways of the street. Eventually, his father’s past catches up to the family as everything they know, and love quickly begins to unravel. In his search for the truth, secrets will be revealed, lines will be crossed, and old wounds will be reopened. Is history doomed to repeat itself?

Transmutation: A Novelette

 Book I  

When aliens invade the planet earth and use a mysterious pandemic to transform humans into zombies. 

When a virus strikes, turning people into zombies and destroying life on Earth as we know it—peaceful aliens offer aid. But the viral origins have been confirmed to be aliens in nature! These aliens are not what they seem to be, and only the humans who serve them will know their true identities. This is a sci-fi series with mystery, action, danger, and twists you won’t see coming!

Transmutación: Spanish Edition

Año 2059 / Libro 1: Novela corta

Cuando una curiosa astrobióloga, Filipa Maxwell, descubre el origen alienígena del virus, se queda atónita.Una misteriosa enfermedad, alienígenas pacíficos, y la humanidad comienza a morir; sólo para resurgir como zombis…Cuando un virus ataca a la humanidad, convirtiéndola en zombis, unos pacíficos alienígenas ofrecen su ayuda, pero el virus tiene un origen alienígena…Un virus alienígena convierte a los humanos en zombis.

Space Power: A Novelette  

Book II

When everything seems normal, but one girl knows the truth. It was just the silence before the storm.  

From the eye of the storm, Philippa must search for answers… and safety. The pods might be gone, but Philippa isn’t ready to rest easy—yet. Philippa must find the next transmutation hotspot… before it’s too late!

Time isn’t on Philippa’s side, but she’s going to fight until the bitter end—if it comes to that. Philippa might have come through unscathed, but will she ever sleep again?

Poder Espacial: Spanish Edition

Año 2059 / Libro 2: Novela corta

Desde el trasfondo de los acontecimientos durante la batalla de la transmutación, Filipa salió relativamente ilesa, pero seguía preocupada por la probabilidad de que los Pods volvieran para cobrar la venganza del destino que ella y Elk tanto habían luchado por eludir. Recorrió los puntos sobresalientes de su carrera junto a Pierre, buscando inauspiciosamente la próxima ventana de destrucción.

The Pushback: A Novelette

Book III

The alien’s leader Ork is here to show all his enemies he will never take no for an answer. 

The earth was undergoing regular times of recovery from space war and technological retardation. It was during these unsuspecting times that Ork and his new ally, Vol were on their way to invade the earth.

Perceiving that Elk would use the treasures of the universe to subdue them, Ork made Vol launch a durege — a powerful alternate reality simulation of attack that had Elk deceived and deviated until they got to the earth, unnoticed and began their actual intent upon it.

La Resistencia: Spanish Edition

Año 2059 / Libro 3: Novela corta

La tierra estaba pasando por tiempos regulares de recuperación de la guerra espacial y el retraso tecnológico. Fue durante estos tiempos desprevenidos cuando Ork y su nuevo aliado, Vol, se dirigían a invadir la tierra. Percibiendo que Elk utilizaría los tesoros del universo para someterlos, Ork hizo que Vol lanzara un durege – una poderosa simulación de realidad alternativa de un probable ataque que hizo que Elk fuese engañado y desviado hasta llegar a la tierra, sin ser notados y comenzara su intento real de invasión sobre ella.