New Era (Era of Darkness series)

Vivien was taken to Phineas’ facility, Untergang and she was tortured by Phineas. She brought forth her son in the darkness of the facility with the aid of a slave from Armageddon. After the birth of her son, she slipped into unconsciousness leaving her child at the mercy of Phineas. The slave named the child, Damien and cleaned him up. Regina, a scientist, and nurse took her son, Damien into her care and nurtured him till he got to ten. She was Vivien’s nurse too, so she took care of her.

She took him in because Phineas threatened to kill him if she did not take her as his. He grew up in isolation because she did not want him to contact Phineas. She grew fond of him as he grew each passing day and she put Vivien into an induced coma to prevent her from waking up and finding out that her son was enough.

Damien was a very smart child and it reflected in the way he spoke. He craved to go out and grow up with his age mates, but Regina refused him. Damien escaped from the house one day and found his way into Untergang.
Dylan and Arora planned Phineas’ downfall and attacked his facility. They were found by a doctor, and they planned their revenge on Phineas. They attacked his facility when he was not aware and captured him. Vivien who was in a coma for ten years eventually woke up when she heard their voices.

They took Damien with them and went back to Armageddon which was renovated by Dylan. He kept Phineas in the basement of the house and bonded with his family. Arora and Ben, the doctor who took care of them fell in love with each other and planned their wedding the same time Vivien and Dylan planned theirs.
Darsus threatened to attack Dylan’s family if he did not release Phineas from his hostage. In his bid to save his family, he ended up getting them killed. Damien was taken to Untergang, and he was raised by Regina. His hate for Phineas grew and Regina was not exempted when he found out that she betrayed his father. He traveled to Australia and came back with the aim of revenge.

He tried to take over Phineas’ company and destroy him when he discovered that Phineas was building a robot army. Arora found him and aided him in destroying Phineas. He was also supported by his fiancée, Estrella. Unfortunately, Phineas’ army was stronger than theirs and they lost everything they worked for.