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Once you start reading my books, you can’t put them down.

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Enjoy the best books and leisure combined together

Leisure time always feels better when presented with a book. Who doesn’t love to sit back, put their feet on the couch, and space out to a book? I know I sure wouldn’t pass up the chance.

A few of my best selling books.

Here you can find a couple of my best selling books. Currently, one is only for sale: Year 2059. The rest of my books, Hurdles and Dark Age, are coming soon!

Year 2059

Year 2059 is currently my best selling book and my only book that is purchasable.


Hurdles is an upcoming book that is coming very soon. This will be changed when it is out.

Dark age

Dark Age is an upcoming book that is coming very soon. This will be changed when it is out.



The Secrets of Book Success

My books aren’t magically successful, certain principles have to be applied in order for a book to become successful.


My excellent rating on my books show people that my book is worth reading.


Awards help my books gain popularity and show the world just how good they are.

AWEsome story

Days are spent configuring the perfect story and plot for each of my books.


Once someone begins reading my book, they just can’t put it back down.

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Staying up to date with me and my blog is the best way to learn about new releases and news. I always publish up-to-date information in my blogs for anyone to see.

I’ve just finished listening to the news at 7 pm under the cool atmosphere of my sitting room with a suiting creamed coffee. Life has taught me the need to value every moment as a gift and give my best in safeguarding every opportunity I’ve gotten […]
“120” Dylan called while walking into the field. He wore khaki shorts and a white T-shirt. His muscles flexed as he walked and his jaw ticked while his fist clenched and unclenched. Nobody had ever been this bold before and he was getting impatient to find […]
Mankind and aliens coexist in a future world. All was well until a catastrophic pandemic burst onto the scene, ravaging the world except for the two cities where the aliens reside. A curious astrobiologist, Phillipa Maxwell, from a small town realized that the novel virus might […]

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